With the Coming of Bravery​.​.​.

by The Blackhole Scouts

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    Our EP that we've worked on for the past summer. Enjoy.




We were a band.


released August 12, 2011

The Blackhole Scouts is—

Andrew Wisecarver – Primary Vocals, Guitar, Direction
Arch Powell IV – Secondary Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Engineering
Scott Wheat – Drums, Percussion, Miscellaneous Items

All song structures written by Andrew Wisecarver

All tracks fully written, performed, recorded, produced, and mastered by The Blackhole Scouts

Art Direction by The Blackhole Scouts

Recorded at Scott’s pool house courtesy of the Alfords.



all rights reserved


The Blackhole Scouts Hammond, Louisiana

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Track Name: Maelstrom
Tossed amongst the waves of the storm
Trapped underneath; no rescue light
Undertow swarms the eyes with brine
Force of the waves, sea spray tides

Falling with the warmth of the waves
And by the soothe of the storm
Deathly ship, warmth inside
Tide pool detritus, floats at high tide

Powerless under, black light deeper
Sea storm’s rock, think calm horizon
Rhythm of the waves – up, crash, fall
Great black water, tall white waves

Falling with the warmth of the waves
And by the soothe of the storm
Craftly ship, warmth inside
Tide pool detritus, floats at high tide

Passing. Diving. Searching.

Track Name: Rabbits
Wasted, wasted days
Of industry-graced malaise
Citizens flee their homes
Adaptation skills honed
Gristle, muscle, fur
Pink moon – days unsure
Flora and fauna dies
Conscientious, yet maybe shy
Machine mecha arms scavenge the Earth
We are the rabbits
Track Name: Bellatrix
One day, Scott wanted
A best friend, a furry friend
He wanted a dog, a Great Pyrenees
He looked for a dog, he got a dog
We love her so much, we love her so
She’s the dog called Bella

She’s really cute and really fluffy
Bear-mauls Ben and piques her ears
Bouncy step and curious face
Silky white fur with light brown spots
Her tail is long and wonderfully curly
She’s the dog named Bella
Track Name: Wood-Walk
Isolation is salvation – where does it lie?
Indefinite fields of in-finite space is what I desire
Megalomaniac pursuits; life’s objective concrete
Around and outside these concrete walls: asphalt ways

Spidery-vein leaf-blade stalks, cliff-face walls
Coarse, tall structures of Nature’s plate armor
Feet connected to Earth – rock beneath my soul
By Life’s energy, feeling taller, stilt-walking
Track Name: Acclimate
Summer stretch, equinox bound
Solstice returns, winter’s around
Rotation encyclical, zephyr’s breeze
Birds’ calls chase the clouds
And landforms begin…

Aridity bone, the sun brazenly sends
Its rays –
Forks rise from the symmetric earth
Mesa shelves, open separation, flatland

White caps smother indifferent peaks
Jubilant crystals fall to coat the scene
Malleable yet strong, icy, yet with a fire
Of unchecked possession –

Green canopy, bark panoply
Moisture glistens and slides
Off the leaves
Multiple soldiers, densely packed
Relentlessly heavy

At the darkest parts of the untouched corners, the earth orbits without signs of tiring…
Track Name: Pathways
If I could just have more time
Indifferent values cloud our minds
Time ticks past the days,
Time ticks past the years

It started
Walls of time crashed into each other
And space filled the void
We were all as null as the setting sun

If youth could last forever
Nothing would change our time together

Visions are playing in my head,
And I can’t stop thinking of what I left behind

Pathways travel across our borders
Ropes constrict our veins
We all were falling
Ground left our feet and we were motionless, fathomless
Abstract imagery on the definite canvas
Creation undermined by necessity

Oh, my friend, time crawls near the end
The eclipsing sun counts down our days

Together -- el corazón

We all collapse

Because sometimes we only want to fall
And the only thing that carried me was sound...